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:hug: Hi Everyone! :dummy:
All donations are accepted for points and I thank and love you all so much! Please and thank you! :heart:
Anything is much accepted, from 1 point to 30 points, from 800 points to 8,000 points, and beyond! Everything and anything is accepted graciously and I really do appreciate it all!
Thank you all so much! :huggle:

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Happy New Year!!! :squee: :XD: :heart:

Thank you to all my beloved supporters and watchers, you are all great friends and I look forward to the year ahead with you all!
That's right, I don't plan on leaving. I've changed, as has life. But one thing's for certain, I'm sticking with my DA community! 
Thank you so much, and I hope that you all have a joyful and blessed new year full of love and happiness! :hug:

- TheInkheart
Instant Photo
A Poem
By Taylor Michele H.

You and I are an instant photo.

Black and white as the day and night,
Passionate companions who may sometimes fight.

Captured in essence with a single click,
The camera frame can't contain our tick.

Tick tock, tick tock,
Clock rolls over to the twelve and just stops.

Endless and boundless like our love combined,
A depiction of our everything defined. 

Yet the geometric bruises patterning my skin,
Map the spoils you placed upon my heart within.

No bruise left by your desperate desire could be considered harmful,
Any pain brought upon me is naught but a blessed bite.

Like a Ying and Yang, our traits grow twofold in differences,
And yet we attract closer than magnetic inferences.

Lips cutting through breath, like a horn in the fog,
Both our desires rise up to battle like two vicious dogs.

Yet, my timidness and your sweetness are unparalled in art,
A kaleidoscope of colors dancing even when left in the dark.

Spirals of pleasure wrap around my spine,
Bonds of liquid ribbons that you tighten with every caress and kiss over time.

Like a wary animal, I pace and contemplate sometimes what I should do,
But the one thing that always focuses and becomes clear to me is that,

I love you.
Instant Photo
A poem that I wrote today, thinking about the new year and the people that I care about, including my amazing boyfriend. :heart: He's an incredible person, and even when he does things that I consider stupid, I care so much about him. :love:
Hope that you all enjoy and have a Happy New Year! :XD:
Also, I guess I won't delete my account. XD
  • Mood: Remorse
Hey folks!

I'll get straight to the point because I am in school and don't have a lot of time.

I am thinking about quitting DeviantART, I just haven't been up to date with it and there are so many new changes that I don't know if I should stick around. 

The only thing holding me back from deleting the account right now is the fact that I have made so many friends on here, and I don't want to lose touch with you all.

And yet, I don't really chat with people online now anyways. :(

I've been really into real life, and I haven't been online on these types of sites as much...

If anyone would like to stay in contact, please contact me through a note soon.  :) I will delete this account soon and want to know who wants to keep in touch through email or something. <3

Thanks guys! :'D

~ Tay
  • Mood: Winter Downs
  • Listening to: Make It Bun Dem - Skrillex and Damian Marley
  • Reading: Great Expectations - Charles Dickins
  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: Doing homework
  • Eating: Stuff
  • Drinking: Milk
Hello everyone! :-)

It's been a long time, hasn't it? Well, you know I love my tags, and today I shall share with you two tag test things! :D

First things first: The Stalker Test. 
Do you think you know me well? xD Well enough, that is? Well, try your luck at the stalker test! Come on, come all!
These is the original meme, but I am also putting my own spin on it. 
    - I will give you one clue, (maybe two if you are super lucky), so just ask if you want to use it! ;D
    - Feel free to be serious/funny. If you know it, be serious. If you don't, feel free to take a wacky swing at it.
    - I will tally up how many you get right in the end and post the highest scorers on the bottom, haha. 
  • Just comment your answers. 
  • Feel free to ask for a clue.
  • Have fun! xD

( 2 Points ) My name:
( 2 Points ) My last name:
( 5 Points ) Take a stab at my middle name:
( 3 Points ) Who am I in love with:
( 2 Points ) Where did we meet:
( 2 Points ) What kind of car do I drive:
( 2 Points ) Where do I work:
( 3 Points ) Something that I am afraid of:
( 2 Points ) Do I smoke:
( 3 Points ) Do I drink:
( 2 Points ) Do I have any siblings:
( 2 Points ) How many:
( 1 Point ) Do I like 'em:
( 4 Points ) What's one of my favorite things to do:
( 2 Points ) How many piercings do I have:
( 3 Points ) Name a song that I love:
( 4 Points ) Am I shy or outgoing:
( 3 Points ) Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules:
( 2 Points ) What's my favorite color:
( 3 Points ) Name something I hate:
( 4 Points ) Name a talent I have:
( 4 Points ) Do I have any pets:
( 5 Points ) What is the color of my room:
( 5 Points ) Give me a movie or TV quote that I love:
( 5 Points + on creativeness ) If I were stranded on a desert island, what would I bring:

Second Things Second: The "Comment and I'll..." Test.

Comment and I'll ...
1. Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your dA page for 13 seconds.
2. Tell you what color you remind me of.
3. Tell you what element I think you belong to e.g. water, fire, air, etc.
4. Tell you what comic, manga/ anime, or video game character you remind me of.
5. Ask you a question, and you must answer.
6. Tell you something I like about you.
7. Give you a nickname.
8. Tell you what object is to the left of me.
9. Tell you what food/ flavor/ smell you remind me of.
10. Tell you to do one in your journal too.

So please do these because I am super bored and these make me laugh and I like quizzes, okay? xD Okay. (TFIOS REFERENCE HAHAHAHAHAHA) I'm evil }:-3

The Hyped Taylor
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
Sometimes people ask me.

How are you fearless?

The truth is I see the shadows in the darkness,
I feel the heaviness of truths that come together and bind us.

I feel the biting pains of snakes biting my ankles,
Filling them with a lead weight poison that makes it painful.

My lashes start to string beaded teardrops across their perimeters,
They're about to fall when I clench my jaw hard enough to grind my teeth like gears.

I snap to attention, walk to the center of the stage,
Expressionless faces look back at me, trapping me in a hollow cage.

Yet, I square my shoulders and pull back that slick ponytail,
My speech may not have as many facts, but my compassion will not fail.

My voice across rocks, like the pounding of the tidal surf,
You can't help but listen to me and know what you are truly worth.

I pride myself on the resonation of my declarations reverberating in your soul,
Because even if when I grow older, I am poor and defenseless, the gold I get from this can never be sold.

Following has never be my forte,
I have big feet for a girl, what can I say.

So when others expect me to fit into someone else's feet,
I say, "sorry sweetheart, but these don't fit me".

You see, I wasn't made to be that way,
I only see in a sunrise that the light pushes away the darkness at bay.

I've been diagnosed with dyscalculia, a mortifying truth,
Calculation, analyzation, critical thinking in my mind is that without cooth.

My words may be sweet, my math may be bitter,
Yet, I am as strong as an ox that doesn't need a lead sitter.

I am the leader, I don't even give a damn if I have a pack,
Would it be nice, of course, but I won't let up on slack.

My standards are firm, my judgment may sometimes be harsh,
But I won't apologize, I won't stand down, because I don't stop once I start.

I have reasons for everything I think, say, and do; yeah sometimes their impulsive.
Yet, I find that life is impulsive and those that try to solve it are repulsive.

I'm not a good or bad person, I'm just alright.

But when the moon comes out to greet the dying sun.

I'll be there, watching.

To let my soul dance among the starlight. 
Who Am I: Fearless
Just random. xD Reflects me. Today my Human Nature took the Meyers-Briggs test and I got: "The Giver." No, not "The Caregiver," but just "The Giver." Which I think is kind of interesting, because it says that sometimes I might stoop for others. To give them a ride on my back maybe, but I'm not becoming a doormat for anybody. xD

I was listening to Pentatonix: PTX Vol. 2 album. XD I LOVE IT. wtf 


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:iconletter-mplz::iconletter-yplz: :iconletter-nplz::iconletter-aplz::iconletter-mplz::iconletter-eplz:

Hello! :D If you want to do an art trade with me, or a collab, then just let me know in a note or something and I will get back to you! :hug:

Look at this! My real birthday! Yeah, it is January 22! :squee: I am already celebrating! :party: Haha
My birthday badge

Hello All You Wonderful Awesomesauce People! :heart:
I am a nice, happy person with a wonderful life and a passion for: Photography, Writing (Poetry/Story), and Digital Art! I really don't bite and am very understanding, so if you ever want to take, about happy or sad, big or small, or scary or wonderful, then just let me know and we can chat away and into the night! :D
So feel free to look around my Gallery and please do comment, favorite, and MY favorite-> watch!
I, as everyone does, love feeling loved, so your watches and comments/favorites make my day, everyday! :)
About me? I love to make people laugh and humor is my not-so-secret weapon! And I love helping people out, it makes me feel so happy and good.
If you want to know anything more about me, then just shoot me a note or comment on one of my journal entries down near the bottom of the page! :hug:
Thank you all, each and every one of you beautiful souls! :heart:

Have spare points hanging around? Want to give points to someone of good cause? It would be MUCH appreciated if you can and would donate to me:

:dummy: Yesh, These Are True:

:iconsupportdafriendsplz1::iconsupportdafriendsplz2::iconsupportdafriendsplz3::iconilovemywatchersplz::iconilovemywatchersatplz: I HRT to Do Art Trades! by Drache-LehreI HRT to Buy Commissions! by Drache-Lehre :iconepicbadge1plz::iconepicbadge2plz:

Thank you all so much! :glomp:


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